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Jordan Kempson

 A Look back at 2018!!!!

Love, Love, and more Love. That sums up 2018!  The year brought on so many great memories. Every client was such a perfect match to what our company is all about. The families this year were so amazing. Yes all are, but this year we witnessed brother/sister, mother/daughter, father/son, father/daughter, sister/sister, and mother/mother- in- law bonds that went above and beyond the normal show of affection among families.   We witnessed a bride enter law school,  another travel over several states, and another be the second daughter in her family to hire us. It was an amazing year!!  The love each and every couple  had for one another was so strong and  yet different . My heart was full and happy for them the entire Year.

We traveled a little bit of everywhere, from  all over downtown, to the North of Indianapolis, and to Columbus.

  And the DECOR, was fa-nominal!!! I challenged myself to reach higher and go above standards with every install. My staff would say with each wedding, "WOW, they just keep getting more beautiful and unique every wedding we do".

In fact, the decor and flowers part of the business had such a growth during the year, that a decision was made to add a studio and storage area  on to the back of my home.  We needed to do this for several years.

It had its challenges and as with all builds, it took much more money, labor, and time, then we predicted. But, Soooooo worth it!! Its so exciting to have everything I need on one floor and in one location. All that extra time can now be focused on planning and design!! I really don't know how to explain why this year was an extra ordinary year, because really every year has been a blessing, but this year,  as I lay my head on my pillow at night and reflect on  the past year, the memories of 2018 bring a huge smile on my face and tears of joy...or better yet memories of love, love, and more love!!


An exclusive look back @ all the the beautiful weddings of 2018 is coming SOON!!

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